• New in the world of MAXON CINEMA 4D

    Full Body
    Motion Capture

    ● No studio or cameras required
    ● Individual tracking of limb rotations
    ● All hardware and software included
    ● Setup and recording can be handled by one person already


  • Smart and versatile

    The MoCase sensors

    ● Sensors are easy to wear over clothing
    ● Ergonomic, adjustable straps
    ● Standard Wi-Fi enabled data transfer
    MoCase mini can be combined

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    MoCatch - Motion Capture
  • Enables Motion Capture with CINEMA 4D

    The MoCache Software

    ● Native integration with MAXON CINEMA 4D 15
    ● Linking of MoCap data with individual rigs
    ● Exchanging of recorded data between different characters
    ● Real time streaming

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  • Applications

    Motion Capture:
    How can you use it?

    ● Video game and film character animation
    ● Pre-visualisations, Simulations
    ● Motion analysis and research
    ● Interactive presentations and real time streaming

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MoCatch – the Alternative

Animating a 3D character normally requires a great deal of expertise and experience.

Any inconsistency stands out straight away, especially when it comes to human figures. Motion capture has therefore long been employed, particularly in the field of computer games and even movies. This usually involves many cameras, which film the actors covered in markings. All of this is technically very elaborate and correspondingly expensive. However, there has been no alternative to this due to the required quality and quantity of data. Until now.
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Motion Capture Sensors for CINEMA 4D

More videos about the system on our youtube-channel

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